WPSubscribe2Download FAQ

What are the requirements for running WPSubscribe2Download smoothly?

WordPress 3+
PHP 5+
MySQL 4.5+
cURL (PHP Extension).

How to update WPSubscribe2Download to the latest version?

How To Update WPSubscribe2Download Video

Do I need to know any programming language to install/configure/customize WPSubscribe2Download?

Nope, you can do everything from WordPress Admin Panel. However, if you face any problems, just raise a support ticket HERE.

How can I integrate subscriber form in pages/posts?

You can use the WPSubscribe2Download button in the text editor to generate and integrate forms. You must use the Visual editor to be able to see the button. CLICK HERE to see a screenshot.

Can I embed WPSubscribe2Download in sidebar widget?

Yes! Just write [WPSubscribe2Download download="Download Link"] and click save.

What if I face any problems installing or using WPSubscribe2Download?

Don’t worry. Just raise a support ticket and we’ll fix all the problems for you.

Do you have any refund policy?

Yes. Click HERE to read the policy.

Which hosting server is better for WPSubscribe2Download? Windows or Linux?

Linux is obviously better for both WPSubscribe2Download & WordPress.

Will there be any future updates of WPSubscribe2Download? If yes, who are eligible for that?

YES! Everyone is eligible for future updates. Feel free to request new features by using this CONTACT FORM.