WPeContactForm FAQ

What are the requirements for running WPeContactForm smoothly?

WordPress 2.8+
PHP 5+
MySQL 4.5+
cURL (PHP Extension).

Why my forms aren’t formatted/designed/aligned properly?

You must keep at least one fieldset in the first field of every forms. Fieldset is like a container for forms.

Why there’s no Captcha available in WPeContactForm?

There is a hidden spam field, known as honey pot. It detects & cancel abusers/spammers.

Do you have any money back guarantee?

Yes! I’ll return your money (100%) back within 24 hours, only if you find any bugs & I fail to provide solution for that within 7 days. You MUST specify the exact reason for which you’re demanding money back.

Will there be any updates of WPeContactForm? Who are eligible for updates?

YES! Feel free to request new features from built-in features request system. Updates will be released in every 90 days (maximum).
Everyone is eligible for the updates.

Which hosting server is better for WPeContactForm? Windows or Linux?

Linux is obviously better for both WPeContactForm & WordPress.

Can I save Digital Signature image?

Yes, all Digital Signature images are saved automatically in MySQL database (JSON format). A javascript generates the signature image from JSON data & output it in the entries details view.