WPAmazonProfits FAQ

1. What is WPAmazonProfits?

# It’s a WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates.

2. What does it do?

# It helps you to automate the whole process of maintaining your site/s.

3. What are the requirements?

# You can easily check from the WPAmazonProfits ==> Compatibility submenu. If the menu page shows any X symbol, then you’ll have to fix that. All WordPress 3.x.x & PHP 5.x are supported. There’s a PHP extension called cURL, it’s a must. However, 98% hosts has cURL installed & enabled. *** If you face any problem (e.g. backdated WordPress version, cURL disabled etc…), then lemme know. I’ll be happy to fix that.

4. I don’t know how to install it!

# Please see the WPAmazonProfits installation video. VIDEO LINK

5. Will you provide updates of this plugin?

# Oh, yeah. I’ll give updates 4 times in 2012 & every 90 days / 3 months. However, no updates from 2013 as the plugin will be 100% completed with all the features by then (I guess so).

6. Start a campaign, it messes with sidebars in frond-end, it seems to place sidebars at the bottom of the page instead of the natural position which is to the side, tried numerous times on different themes. Still get the same results..

# The problem was with another plugin which was {WSO Ads plugin} recently obtained from the warrior forum.
*** Question & solution provided by Mick Crumlish (WF).

7. I just tried installing the WPAmazonProfits and I get this error:-
   *Unpacking the package
   *Installing the theme
   *The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
   *Theme install failed.

# This is a WordPress plugin, not a theme. Please install from “Plugins ==> Add New”. See the installation video for a step-by-step walkthrough.

8. The first campaign I created was for a 1000 products. This created a problem loading and eventually froze.

# Please use less than 40-50 campaigns at a time. The API is resource hungry!

9. I had a problem with Amazon for pulling products from my niche. Amazon gave me products completely unrelated to my keywords.

# I deleted the campaign and selected the “All” section and entered the same keywords and it worked perfectly.
*** Question & solution provided by Dennis Ransdell (WF).